About Sue

Darwin is now my home and I love it. I love the tropical lifestyle and the friendliness of the people. In fact I have never lived anywhere so friendly. I meet people in the queue at the coffee bar and before long we are sitting down and sharing our dreams and passions.

Darwin is a little quirky and edgy. And I fit in perfectly!! People are up to stuff and are very willing to give things a go.

Darwin for all Seasons – second edition is my fourth book. After two editions of Darwin in the Wet (see further down for my passion for the wet season), I decided Darwin needed an all year round guide book. 

So Darwin for all Seasons was born and launched on 14th November 2019 by the Minister of Tourism, Lauren Moss. Since then I have been out and about in Darwin, stocking the shelves!!

Back 14 years ago, I arrived in Darwin specifically to experience a Tropical Summer. I was instantly hooked as I immersed myself in the thundering storms and lightning so intense it lit up the night sky. The heavy rainfall, flooding wetlands and the lush green landscape brought birds into town and sweet smelling flowers to the trees. I couldn’t wait to get out and about – to be part of this exciting destination. Contrary to what people were saying, I found there was loads to see and do. I loved it so much that I decided to go on a mission to inspire people to love the wet season, as I do. I wrote, photographed and published two editions of Darwin in the Wet.

I am a member of Tourism Top End, the NT Writers Centre and Tactile Arts. I recently wrote some travel pieces (Instagram captions) for Tourism NT and in 2012 I was one of the writers in residence at the Territory Wildlife Park, co-publishing a book called Wild Words. In addition I write for Explore Australia updating their guide books. I am very active in the world of tourism. I belong to a number of networking groups, have a stall selling my books at Parap Markets and Tactile Arts crafts markets and organise numerous presentations and author’s signings at community events and local bookshops.

I’m originally from the UK but have spent the last 43 years in Australia. I am married to an “Aussie” and worked for 25 years in the IT industry in Sydney, climbing the corporate ladder and working all the hours available. Then in 1996 Ken and I took a few months off and travelled to the Kimberley. This started the travel bug. We had a 4WD, we went off-the-beaten track and we camped. I loved the wide open spaces, the brilliant blue skies, the perpetual warmth and the outdoor living.

Back in Sydney, the IT industry seemed a million miles away from the travel scene. So I opted out and started my own travel business. I designed itineraries for corporate travellers who wanted to see the “locals” side of the City. I had a lot of fun and I too discovered a new Sydney which I wanted to share with others.

Then in 2005 we started a new chapter of our lives. We sold everything we owned to travel Australia in a 4WD and an off-road trailer. For 5 years we explored up and down the country, delving into the locals scene and the off the beaten track destinations.

To get your hands on a copy of the guidebook, please view my Stockists page, or order it on the Product page while you’re here.